Random Sightings!

So I sat down this morning, as I do every Friday, and logged in to the author portal on Amazon.com to check out the latest week of book sales. The Amazon author portal allows me to see up to 8 weeks of sales at a time, including where in the US books have sold, and how many have sold in each market. As you might suspect,  sales tend to score higher in major markets such as NYC, LA and DC. But today I took a closer look. You see, the data that Amazon provides includes a category of “combined areas”, which are smaller regions and towns lumped together geographically.

OK, so? So, Amazon also displays a clickable map of the USA, which reveals a more exact breakdown of what’s going in some of these mysterious “combined areas”. A few mouse clicks later, I was thrilled to discover that Conquering YouTube has been conquering some pretty random and surprising locations. Through Aug 14, 2011, I have sold at least one copy of the book in the following random and/or memorable places:

Eureka, CA
Yuma, AZ
Reno, NV
Bend, OR
Yakima, WA
Minot, ND
Marquette, MI
Rhinelander, WI
Twin Falls, ID
Grand Junction, CO
Amarillo, TX
Cheyenne, WY
Meridian, MS
Lima, OH
Ft. Smith, AR
Topeka, KS
Mankato, MN
Presque Isle, ME
Wheeling, WV
Salisbury, MD
Elmira, NY
Charlottesville, VA
Terra Haute, IN

and some place called Prowers, which just might be in Colorado…

pretty awesome, huh? And interesting. I’ve always been into geography, especially the weird things we name places. If you are from one of these fantastic towns (especially if you live in Bend, OR – I mean, that’s just…wow), add a comment and tell me more about how you heard about the book and how my tips are helping you conquer! And please consider leaving a customer review on the Amazon page for the book (‘specially if you have nice things to say!!). Thanks again – and keep Conquering!

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