The Perfect Present

Stuck for gift ideas? Here are 8 + 12 suggestions for why a copy of “Conquering YouTube” makes a perfect present!

8 Reasons Why This Book is Perfect for Hanukkah – one for each night!
1 Cover offers nice, smooth surface for dreidel spinning.
2 Pages can be used for squeezing extra oil out of latkes.
3 Lighting tips help make Menorrah *really* glow!
4 Recreate the victory of the Maccabees in ten shots or less.
5 I am almost completely sure that the book is 100% Kosher (I mean, it’s printed using recycled stock from mixed sources, which is probably fine. One just can’t be too careful these days…).
6 Viewed from above, book has EXACTLY the same number of sides as a dreidel. Coincidence? I think not…
7 What!? Yer gonna be YouTube friends with The Lee Vees with no uploads? Oy!
8 The tradition of giving gelt (money) to the local teacher during Hanukkah was a way to show appreciation for education. What better way to continue this tradition than with a nice video book? (Did I mention that I’m a teacher? Are you smelling what I’m cooking here, people? LOL)

12 Reasons Why This Book is Perfect for Christmas – one for each day of Christmas!
1 Drumming drummers can practice rudiments on extra-sturdy book cover.
2 Basically guarantees that this year’s video of the “Lords a Leaping” contest will be IN FOCUS!
3 Gives whole new meaning to that “Do you see what I see?” line in that drummer boy song.
4 Helps you white balance for those tricky winter wonderland shots.
5 Audio section helps eliminate pesky Silent Night issues.
6 Details proper lighting for family recreation of epic Heat Miser/Cold Miser battle.
7 The weather outside really IS frightful. Stay in and edit.
8 Fits under ANY tree (stocking stuffability on a case-by-case basis).
9 Insures eye lines will be correct for that scathing tell-all interview with Vixen.
10 In a pinch, can be used for roasting chestnuts (not recommended before first reading).
11 Available in Log Cabin or Fresh Pine scent* (*totally not true. But you could add your own, with one of those spray can things… sold separately!)
12 No batteries required!!

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