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Insider tips and tricks fill this easy, hands-on guide to producing professional-grade videos for the Web. Combining years of professional on-set experience with tons of classroom-proven exercises, Jay Miles provides an awesome resource for exploring and mastering everything from basic camera operations, to lighting, editing and special effects that you can create.         

Designed to walk any videographer, from amateurs to experienced filmmakers, through the steps to completing exciting and memorable videos, Conquering YouTube is easy-to-digest, combining clear instructions and descriptions with shooting exercises designed to sharper the eye, develop specific and useful skills and solve common production problems.          

Whether explored in a classroom, living room or dorm room, this fun, informative book walks you through 101 amazing tips designed to be manageable for those new to shooting video and yet challenging enough to stimulate advanced filmmakers. Digestible sections allow the reader to work from start to finish, or to tackle more advanced skills right away. This book unlocks the secrets used on big budget Hollywood films and TV shows, and turns them into affordable and effective solutions for everyone who dreams of conquering YouTube.        

Early Praise for Conquering YouTube

“The title of Jay Miles’ new book Conquering YouTube, does not do its content justice. Any filmmaker, whether making web videos or features, will benefit from Jay’s clearly written treatise, which cleverly disguises advanced techniques in the common language of every Everyman with a digital video camera.”
~ Bobby Bognar, host of the History Channel’s Food Tech    

“Finally your YouTube videos don’t have to look like they were shot with your parents video camera even if they were shot with your parents video camera.”
~ Mike Rotman, CEO/ Founder – Streamin’    

Streamin’ Garage produces weekly live shows from Rotman’s converted garage in LA. Their multi-camera shows include Stupid for Movies, Stupid for Dexter, Stupid for Fantasy Football and Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith. Rotman is the Streamy Award Winning director and co-executive producer of Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show. 

“Jay Miles has written a how-to manual that’s perfect for at-home TV producers and filmmakers. He has broken through the mystery and magic of the process to show you that it really can be easy.”
~ Mark Bellotti, senior producer, studio, the NHL on Versus 

“Don’t be fooled by the title of Jay Miles’ book, Conquering YouTube.  This is a serious treasure of knowledge for everyone who wants to tell stories with images and sounds. The book’s metaphor of “tips” belies the wisdom contained in the text and instructive photographs. One example out of 100: Even the pros forget the wisdom of shooting the “E and E’s”. Miles not only defines the problem but also offers ways to solve problems to create more effective stories. And best of all, Miles delivers this wealth of instruction in a highly readable, personable style. ”
~ Peter Moller, Professor, Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University 

“This is a terrific resource for young filmmakers who want to make more professional-looking and creative videos.  Written in a breezy, witty and engaging style, this highly readable book is full of tips, tricks and advice that will help novice directors make videos that will stand out from the pack.”
~ Michael D. Calia, Director, Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center & Associate Professor, Communications (adjunct), School of Communications, Quinnipiac University   

“Forget YouTube… this book is a grade-A primer for anyone learning to shoot video, whether it’s for the Internet or Sundance. Using straightforward, easy-to-read explanations and helpful photos, Jay Miles has created an indispensable handbook for any young filmmaker.”
~ Chad Gervich, writer, producer, Wipeout, Reality Binge, Speeders, Foody Call; author: Small Screen, Big Picture: A Writer’s Guide to the TV Business 

“As a former student and current working colleague of Jay’s, I can only say this book is pure magic. The way he attacks the fundamental and more advanced creative skills makes them extremely easy to understand, and more importantly, really makes them stick long after you’ve done the lessons. So for anyone looking to get into filming or expand your creative palette — this book is a must!”
~ David Brown, founder, DB Studios Multimedia 

“There is something here for everyone, no matter if you are a skilled professional or a novice videographer. Miles has created “The Bible” for social media production! It is in an easy to follow format, allowing quick reference for problem solving, with clear and helpful illustrative photos. A must for anyone trying to take his or her video project to the next level!”
~ Ted Yasi, cameraman for ABC World News     

“Jay Miles’ experience and wit make this easy-to-follow video-course-in-a-book a valuable tool for aspiring creators. Practice his tips and hints and your videos will stand out in a big (and hopefully profitable) way!”
~ Ken Simon, Executive Producer, SimonPure Productions  

“I love Conquering YouTube. It packs in a lot of very valuable information for budding filmmakers. Would love to use it with [my documentary projects in] schools!”
~ Dominique Lasseur, Executive Director of Global Village Media and Independent Filmmaker       

“Accomplished videographer, producer, and teacher Jay Miles helps the novice and experienced shooter shoot better. Whether you’re a new or experienced camera operater, Jay Miles’ Conquering YouTube will improve your skills and productions. Everything you need to make videos and make ‘em better. Jay Miles’ decades of working as a professional videographer, producer and teacher are expertly summarized in this easy-to-read book. You will make better videos. Highly recommended!”
~ Don Schwartz, CineSource Magazine    

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