Miles Media


Here is a selected sampling of projects that I have produced, directed or otherwise crewed on ~ from music videos to films to works for hire. My focus is on single-camera style productions, driven by a strong visual, aesthetic or story-driven concept.

From low-budget to no-budget, I tackle each shoot by addressing the unique challenges presented by that project, while still capturing the initial vision. In other words, I don’t believe in limitations, only solutions. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Enjoy!

“Moon Queen” – Lord Fowl

Shot in one afternoon on two banged up early 90′s VHS cameras. I wanted the piece to look like it had been shot as a live concert clip in the late 70′s, and then stuffed in a vault for 40 years before being rediscovered. All the lens-flares, ghosting, streaking and strobing effects were captured in-camera on the shoot date. This video was featured on the website for Mtv’s “Hot 100″ and enjoyed national distribution in conjunction the band’s label, Small Stone Records.

“Heavy Boots” – Mission 0

Shot in one afternoon on two Panasonic pro-sumer camcorders. The inspiration for this piece came from the look of classic 80′s music videos, and was shot against a white bed sheet blasted with as much light as we could find. This video earned the award for Best Alternative Music Video at the Connecticut Film Festival in 2012.

“Byways of the Lifeless” – Autumn Owls

Shot over a 2-day period all across Connecticut on a Panasonic HVX using only natural lighting, the action culminates in front of the abandoned Seaside Sanitarium in Waterford, CT. I wanted to capture a sense of remembered failures, of those moments that were once domestically blissful, but that have deteriorated and soured through the window of time. I took inspiration from the lyrics ” Today I tried to warn you about these ghosts. All these ghosts of mine, how they roam the shoreline”, which drew me to the (possible haunted?) former sanitarium and also inspired me to create a strange blend between reality and memory. I included subtle unexpected elements that were both real and remembered ~ how many times can you spot my ironing board floating through the shots? These are the shattered remains of domestication. These are the ghosts I warned you about.

“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” – dir by David Lee Fisher (Highlander Films)

Trailer for the 2006 “remix” of the German Expressionist classic. As the 1st AD, I was in charge of scheduling, safety and other such matters on set. Shot in 9 days, the film combined modern performances on a green screen that were matched in real time to backgrounds and environments from an original print of the film.