Favorite Videos

We all know that there is a crazy amount of bad video out there, complete with shakey shots, blurred focus and bad lighting. So what about the good stuff? This page is designed as a platform for those productions that rise above the rest. Here you’ll be able to enjoy some of my favorite YouTube videos – clips that capture a tip, technique, skill or maybe just that certain mood or tone. This is the place to check out videos that contain great lighting, editing or special effects. Clips that show you how other people are on their way to conquering YouTube. Be sure to check back often, and to send along your own completed projects!


“Balls’ Dreams” – by Rob Leary

What I love about Rob’s kooky experimental piece is that it isn’t kooky at all! It’s a solid execution of a solid idea – and it’s tons of fun! Rob manages to capture a joyous sense of wonderment, but he does this WITHOUT letting any bothersome PEOPLE sneak into his shots! Bravo job! Bringing the lifeless to life in fine fashion, indeed. Rob conquers YouTube HERE.

“The Great NY Train Wreck” – by Cary Abbott

What makes Cary the Top Abbott? An unhindered desire to ‘play’ coupled with clever shots and a sharp eye for storytelling. The result? His clips are craZy FUN! I’m amazed at how his edits seamlessly fool the eye – tricks that aren’t that different from how major H’wood effects shots are assembled. Bravo! Cary conquers YouTube HERE.

“Bottles” – by Joe D and Angel T

I dig the weird, abstract images so much in this clip that I used several of them in the book as examples of ways for YOU to capture unexpected, artful content. And that’s NOT just because Joe D and Angel completed this video when they were both my students (lol)! Even in watching it again, some years later, I am captivated by the strange, silly and savage journey that they take us on – a trippy, bobbing bounce through another dimension – courtesy of a pack of wild bottles. Joe conquers YouTube HERE.

“Fence” – by Mischa Livingstone

The striking images here speak for themselves, and they speak volumes. Sometimes the best solution really is to abandon tricky camera moves, green screen sci-fi effects and a soundtrack driven by crazy beats. Filmmaker Mischa Livingstone uses simple but elegant shots and precise edits to study the border between Israel and the land governed by the Palestinian Authority. His memorable video gives us a clearer view of this unclear situation. Mischa conquers YouTube HERE.