…And Helpful Hints

Trouble with your tripod? Lame lighting got you low? Problems with your edits and audio? There are countless ways to lose your way as you continue to conquer YouTube. We all find some level of frustration during the process. The good news? The videos posted here (via my YouTube page) are here to help! These “tips” videos will explain and expand on the 101 pro tips found in the book. Hopefully these snippets will help you avoid common pitfalls, overcome obstacles and improve the look, sound and results for your videos.  

Exclusive Tip – Shooting Music Videos

These tips on creating music videos were made for the great team at I run through my Top 5 Tips for avoiding headaches, location nightmares, playback issues and more. I also rip a skull-crunching guitar solo… 


Bonus Tip – Top 5 Tricks

So the social media guys at Talking Finger recently asked me to come up with my Top 5 Tricks for improving basic videos. After some careful consideration, I decided to discuss audio, basic lighting, what to avoid wearing on camera, background troubles and basic framing mistakes. Ready? Roll tape!

Tip 8 – Preparation is Your Salvation

Tip 8 is all about how to stay organized and keep all that unwanted junk out of your camera bag. As an added bonus, it also features a sword, a purple dragon and an emergency supply of pineapple (for those long days on set ??).


Tip 25 – The Harder They Come

Tip 25 explores the difference between two common types of lighting, hard light and soft light, and how they can change the look of the subjects in your videos.


Tip 27 – Chasing the Rainbow

Tip 27 is cast in a glow of colors and is full of the basic guidelines for adding color to the light in your videos. Beware: FLYING C-47′s !!!

Tip 92 – Talking the Talk

Tip 92 explores ways to solve some basic audio problems – like how to eliminate the hum of your fridge from your videos. Ever want to build a recording studio using only a cardboard box? Here’s how!